A culinary experience between tradition and professionalism. Made in Italy means high quality products because of the good ingredients, small-scale production methods, tradition and peculiar tastes. Chef Andrea will lead you during this experience, revealing the secrets of typical Italian dishes in a modern-day version. A Team Building you should taste!


Master Chef is the event where your creativity takes the shape of the dishes you prepare and the smells and tastes you feel. Italian cooking tradition and our chefs high professionalism make you discover the secrets of ancient recipes.
Choose the location you prefer; once there, the group is divided in different teams. Customised aprons or t-shirts (on request) characterize each team. Our chef explains the recipes process and background and works with you to make your courses.
Afterwards… dinner / lunch all together! Re-discover your manual skills, tradition, genuine tastes and the joy of sharing such an experience with your collegues


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