Would you like to discover the secrets of making a real Italian pizza? Pizza & Mandolino is the activity you are looking for. Your team does a “cooking test” using yeast, flour, water and all the ingredients needed to prepare the most famous Italian dish all over the world.


We provide a professional chef. You can put some work and will to experience what making a real Italian pizza in team means. As a background music, a mandolin (usually replaced by a more modern guitar), plays traditional Roman songs with a funny singer. Enjoy and get creative by making your personalised pizzas together with the other participants. Cook the most delicious Italian recipe, exported all over the world; enjoy folk music and have a totally Made in Italy experience. Expert chefs work together with your team; you just need to put some elbow grease, enjoy the atmosphere and have fun while typical live Italian background music is played. Italian cooking and tastes and traditional music, for an entirely Made in Italy Team Building.

MAIN GOALS Fun and Teamwork
TIME Approximately 2-3 Hours
Staff Kit
Insurance  Location
 Aperitif  Music
 Awards  Transportation


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