You can practice this activity continuously throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to discover and explore “the underground” of Rome, what is hidden from the surface. Dug deep into the history of the Eternal City, Rome as you have never seen.


You can participate in activities in and out of Rome. The city of Rome makes caving activities closer to a city tour, or a different way of considering the history of Rome; events outside Rome allow you to organize experiential events which make an event more like a motivational team building exercise.

During the activity the participants are involved in trials of group and individual living experiences that make the event a unique and unrepeatable moment, both for the characteristic of the location (we visit the underground) and because the story of Rome is experienced directly, as well to be told by one of our guides

MAIN GOALS Fun and Teamwork
TIME Approximately 1-3 Hours
Staff Kit
Insurance  Location
 Meals Level II
 Awards  Transportation


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