Become actors and directors for one day, jump into acting and the creation of a short movie during a fun and unique experience. Work together with professional directors and screenwriters in Cinecittà or in a different location and create your own sketch. Enjoy the film where you became a great star!

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“Camer Action!” is the event where you can create… your own team-movie like a Cinecittà star!
Once at the location, the group is divided into teams. Each team’s goal is making a short film inspired to different history ages of Rome: a spot for your company! Professional directors and screenwriters work together with you to help you writing your script and use your cameras. At the end of the day, you have an entire film that – on request – can be watched during a lunch/dinner.
During this team building event you can fully express your creative potential in an unconventional way. You are both the actors and the creators of each moment of your film. Be yourself directors and performers for one day, dive into an experience you’ll remember forever.


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