“On the grape road” is the event for your senses, the highest quality Made in Italy tradition. Discover tastes, colours, smells and amazing views. Different wines aromatize your touron the hills, tasting bio and intense food. The pleasure of discovery culminates in the artistic entertainment, during a day of pure enjoyment and relax.

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The group is welcomed by vintage cars. Then… let’s go, straight to the Via dei Laghi! During the roadtrip you can “interview the Driver” who will tell you the history of his car. There are different stops where you can taste wines with a sommelier, discovering all the shades of colours and taste. Afterwards, the tour starts again but this time with a different car and a different team: experience new trips and friends!
At the end of the tour (on request) we can organize a team game about what you saw, taste and learnt during the day.


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