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Team Building Rome” has grouped the best team building events, in different categories. Each group – here below – shows you the most requested formats. Click on “Quote Request” to see all the details, agendas, and how to personalize your event.

Street Art in Rome” is the category of theatre events: give yourself a challange, let your creativity free, express yourself out of any routine. Get free!

City tour in Rome” s the category of the activities which let you discover the citiy and its treasures, living traditional and experiencial moments. These activities have nothing to do with a city tour. Discover the city under a different perspective.

The traditional “Treasure Hunts in Rome” are a mix of city tour, recreative and experiencial activities and problem solving.There is a mystery you will solve while you will be enjoying Rome’s beauties.

Urban games in Rome” are “Sport and Fun” activities where you play games on the streets of the city, by using the city peculiarities as “toys”.

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Seasonal Team Building” suggests you the best events for this season. Please, note: there are several other team building activities, which are not included in this group but that you can personalize and realize in this season as well.

Team Building Seasonal in Rome

A musical and expressive workshop to enjoy, together with your team, the pleasant feeling of working in harmony and synchronicity. The magical surprise and satisfaction of being able to build together a working group in a short time and without any musical experience. The rhythm is inside of us, as the capacity of working together.

Team Building Rome Realized section

In the part called “Team Buildings done in Rome”, you will find different articles about the most important events we have done during the last period. Each event has its own story, based on goals, budget and other tasks the team had to accomplish. You might find the article that helps you chosing your team building event!

Team Building realized in Rome

I'd like to thank you once again for the great time our team had with the Indiana Jones activity on Saturday!

Rome News section

This area is reserved to the team building, incentive, useful ideas to build your event in Rome.

“Here, now.”, titolo di questa sesta edizione del festival, vuole porre al centro della riflessione il tempo e lo spazio come dimensioni…
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On september 29th the “Treja Adventure” park has been the exciting setting of a team building activity for the well-known estate agency…
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A mental, spiritual, physical journey takes you through the streets of Rome. The tram most cheerful part of the world from afar,…
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