Alessandro Tedeschi

Partner and owner. He lives and works in Rome. He speaks English and Spanish. He organizes “team building activities”, trainings, events in Rome. He is also specialized as an “instructor and adventure parks rescue”, and for “rescue diving”, “outdoor activities”, “survivor”, sailing and trekking. Contact Alessandro to organize your event in Rome.

Chloé Lafitte

She takes care of the French-speaking part of Team Building Rome . She lives and works in Rome since 2012. She has an Arts and Literature background and she worked as an event manager for different cultural associations ; she is a member of the Team Building Rome Staff.

Giorgia Calcari

Professional actress and event manager , when she is not busy riding unicorns, Giorgia creates team building events, magical characters, imaginary comfortable places. She likes people, their potential and its expression. She is ironic, stubborn and meticulousAsk Giorgia if you like feeling comfortable in your well finished event organization.