ANGELS and DEMONS – treasure hunt

Lungotevere Castello, 50, 00193 Roma RM, Italia (1)
from/per person 80 
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Big group
  • Downtown
  • Italian style
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer
  • Tablet


treasure hunt

goal: find the ancient parchment
keywords: funny, interactive, challenging
main waypoints: Pantheon – Navona Square
end point: Sant’Angelo Castle
Timing: 3-4 hours
Options: Characters
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

A Gregorian Chant opens the event and welcomes you where your sacred fire will get started. An Angel fallen from Heaven and a Demon risen from Hell will do the rest. Angels against demons through the streets of Rome. During your treasure hunt, you meet artists, singers and magicians who test your courage, singing and magical skills; only this way you can enter the Secret Society of the Illuminati and get the clues needed for your adventure. Collect clues in each spot you reach and step-by-step get closer to the mystery solution.
Angels and Demons is the opportunity to visit Rome during an exciting treasure hunt.
A mystery lingers in Vatican City. Be brave and experience Good and Evil: make your choice and fight together with the Angels or Demons armies. Be careful: the Illuminati have a specific, secret plan. Find the clues, solve the riddles, prove your courage and other skills. An engaging city tour following the steps Professor Langdon took in the namesake movie. Your only goal: saving the city!



  • Angels and Demons introduction by actors
  • Solve the riddles
  • Take photos
  • Challenge other teams
  • Chat with the Master
  • Interact with characters



full *

180 minutes

210 minutes 

Briefing at the hotel and delivering the tablets 30 minutes
> Angels and Demons introduction by actors and singers
> The group will be divided into different teams
> App introduction and use
Transportation by bus from the hotel to the start point *
The treasure hunt starts  120 minutes
> Solve the riddles
> Take the photos
> Challenge other teams
> Solve the clues
> Interact with characters 30 minutes
Street food stop * 15 minutes
Appointment at the last stop - end of the treasure hunt 15 minutes
Awards for the winning team * 5 minutes
* options on request


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avatar - Nov, 18, 2019 -


thank you for a great experience, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot.