BIKE THIEVES – urban games

Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, 00187 Roma RM, Italia (0)
from/per person 70 
  • Urban Games
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer



goal: sightseeing Rome
keywords: sport, relaxing
location: centre of Rome
Timing: 1-2-3 hours
Options: street food stop on request
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

During “Bike Thieves” (“Ladri di biciclette”) you can explore Rome by bike. Once you are at the starting location, the group gets divided into different teams. Each team has a 1, 2 or 4 people bikes. The goal is reaching different spots of the city center, where “colorful flags” are waiting for you. Catch as many of them as possible and make your team win!
“Bike Thieves” a relaxed, fun and different idea of city tour; a treasure hunt where you can visit the same places of the namesake movie from Christian De Sica. “Find tragic in your daily life and the wonderful things in the small negative events”, he was used to say.
Discover a non-touristic Rome and enjoy (on request) typical food and drinks.



  • 4 people bikes
  • maps
  • guide
Street food stop
Bus Transportation


15o minutes (standard)
270 minutes (full)
Welcome and icebreaking 15 minutes
Building the banners 20 minutes
Building the bridges 30 minutes
Bridge prize * 10 minutes
Building the catapults 60 minutes
Catapults prize * 10 minutes
The catapults race 30 minutes
Building the machines * 60 minutes
Machines prize * 10 minutes
The wacky race * 30 minutes
* ask for quote on request


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