BOOT CAMP – play your sport

Treja Adventure park (1)
from/per person 100 
  • Team experience
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Big group
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer


play your sport

goal: challenge yourself
keywords: out of mind, team work, team sport, outdoor activities

location: outside Rome
Timing: one day, two days
Options: aperitif, hotel on request
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

You need both communication and planning skills, which are key elements within the workplace as well. Boot camp gives you the opportunity to see who the real team players are, who is able to hold their nerve and gives you also the chance to release some of the pressure accumulated because of the routine or a “colleague” too demanding!

Each member of the group will learn to work together, build confidence in one another by completing challenges as a team.



  • Trapper lunch
  • Staff
  • safety and support material
Welcome coffee


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