CARTON BOAT RACE- sport and fun

Monte Circeo, 04017 San felice Circeo LT, Italia (0)
from/per person 60 
  • Sport and Fun
  • Outdoor
  • Small group
  • Special offers
  • Spring-Summer


along the river

goal: get first
keywords: funny, out of mind, team working, creativity

location: any river available 
Timing: 3-6 hours
Options: aperitif and lunch on request
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

The only things you need for Carton boat’s activity are the cartoon, duct tape, and your team.

Whether it is a pool, a river, a lake or at sea, the Cartoon Boat activity tests your sporting and artistic skills.
Ingredients needed: a plan, cardboard and other recycled materials, adhesive tape and the energy of your team. Objective: To stay afloat and recover the lost cargo!

During the day awards are given to the most creative and best-made craft and those which remain afloat longest. The player who recovers the “lost cargo” is the winner.

It can be a swimming pool, a river, a lake or in the sea. No matter where the race will take place, this activity will challenge both your sporting and artistic skills.

Build boats made out of the cartoon with your team and face a speed race, is no easy matter. Carton material is light and resister at the same time and, even if is hard to believe, you can use it to build your own boat! Participants are split into teams and then challenge each other making across a watercourse. The main goal? Stay afloat!



  • Cartoon
  • Staff
  • safety and support material


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