DA VINCI’S MACHINES – ingenuity and challenge

Palazzo della cancelleria, Roma (0)
from/per person 50 
  • Urban Games
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Indoor
  • Italian style
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer


ingenuity and challenge

goal: get first
keywords: funny, team working, problem solving

location: lake of Rome; any hotel; gardens and villas
Timing: 3-4 hours
Options: aperitif or lunch/dinner on request
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

Leonardo’s lab – His codes, his machines, drawings and handwritten pages: Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius. The laboratory stimulates the reconstruction of the machines projected by Da Vinci (and more): a laboratory of ideas and projects for everyone. You are going to test the machines you create as well… a game in the game!

Once at the location, the group is divided into different teams. Each team builds Leonardo’s machine. You may need some information about the project that could have been hidden…somewhere (this option is in case you wish to combine a treasure hunt to Leonardo’s Machines activity).

Once you got all the information and the tools, you start building the machine you chose. The machine changes on the base of what kind of event you want and what kind of goal you want to reach: fun, creative, strategic.
When you have built your machines up… test it! Experience the genius inside of you!



  • Icebreaking
  • The banner
  • Leonardo’s bridge
  • building up catapults
 The wacky race


15o minutes (standard)
270 minutes (full)
Welcome and icebreaking 15 minutes
Building the banners 20 minutes
Building the bridges 30 minutes
Bridge prize * 10 minutes
Building the catapults 60 minutes
Catapults prize * 10 minutes
The catapults race 30 minutes
Building the machines * 60 minutes
Machines prize * 10 minutes
The wacky race * 30 minutes
* ask for quote on request


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