IN THEATRE TRAINING – space for imagination

Monte Testaccio, 00153 Roma RM, Italia (0)
from/per person 50 
  • Street Art
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Indoor
  • Italian style
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer


space for imagination

goal: self expression
keywords: group work, experiential, creativity

location: teatro
Timing: 3-4 hours
Options: photos and video
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

Education and entertainment, these are the elements that characterize this activity, increasingly used by companies as a training tool for their employees. The theatrical techniques help to look within, know yourself better and become more confident in your abilities. All basic elements both for personal and working life.

The theatrical techniques help you to look within, know yourself better and become more confident in your abilities. All basic elements both within the world of work and the personal sphere. Expression depends on the ability to get involved and know how to get others involved. Artists, actors, singers and musicians help participants to display all forms of communication, encouraging the participants to follow and perform some typical theater performances.



  • Staff and artists
  • safety and support material
Photos and video


15o minutes (standard)
270 minutes (full)
Welcome and icebreaking 15 minutes
Building the banners 20 minutes
Building the bridges 30 minutes
Bridge prize * 10 minutes
Building the catapults 60 minutes
Catapults prize * 10 minutes
The catapults race 30 minutes
Building the machines * 60 minutes
Machines prize * 10 minutes
The wacky race * 30 minutes
* ask for quote on request


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