PILGRIMAGE TO ROME – the churches of Rome

Via Appia Antica, Roma RM, Italia (0)
from/per person 40 
  • City Tour
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Big group
  • Italian style
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer


All streets lead to Rome. Today you have the chance to walk on the same roads that were covered centuries ago by our ancestors who, from all over Europe, heading for Rome. Cross the main path, and alleys, which were covered centuries ago by the people who have made history.

A city tour with an antique flavour. A different way to see Rome, especially the Vatican, its churches, the written history stone by stone by the Popes who dominated, lived enriched it all. The secrets in plain sunlight are the most hidden and every church has a history and a secret inside. A visit through the streets crossed by pilgrims and religious peoples who always gave soul to the eternal city.


15o minutes (standard)
270 minutes (full)
Welcome and icebreaking 15 minutes
Building the banners 20 minutes
Building the bridges 30 minutes
Bridge prize * 10 minutes
Building the catapults 60 minutes
Catapults prize * 10 minutes
The catapults race 30 minutes
Building the machines * 60 minutes
Machines prize * 10 minutes
The wacky race * 30 minutes
* ask for quote on request


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