TALENT CONTEST – artists for a day

Monte Testaccio, 00153 Roma RM, Italia (0)
from/per person 69 
  • Street Art
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Indoor
  • Spring-Summer


By now, the classic format of programs Talent Show is known all over the world. Team Building Talent Show propose you the same content. Why not go on a stage and show your talent? Whether is the exhibition of a single or a group, the important thing is to have fun … Under the spotlight!

Do not be surprised if a colleague has vocal talents you did not know about. Your boss may know how to play the drums and have rhythm in their blood. To each his or her own talent! Within a day, the participants are immersed in a show without boundaries, recruited by artists specialized in different arts: singing, dancing, drumming, rhythmics. The goal is to create a reality show to stage, using everything we have hidden from colleagues and the company, showing us for what we really are: versatile, unique, creative!



  • Icebreaking
  • The banner
  • Leonardo’s bridge
  • building up catapults
The wacky race


15o minutes (standard)
270 minutes (full)
Welcome and icebreaking 15 minutes
Building the banners 20 minutes
Building the bridges 30 minutes
Bridge prize * 10 minutes
Building the catapults 60 minutes
Catapults prize * 10 minutes
The catapults race 30 minutes
Building the machines * 60 minutes
Machines prize * 10 minutes
The wacky race * 30 minutes
* ask for quote on request


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