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Colosseo (1)
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  • Treasure Hunt
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Big group
  • Downtown
  • Italian style
  • Outdoor
  • Spring-Summer
  • Tablet


treasure hunt

goal: find the treasure
keywords: cultural, unconventional tour, funny
main waypoints: Colosseum, Capitol, Ghetto
end point: Colosseum, Ghetto
Timing: 1-2-3 hours
Options: rickshaws available on request
bus transportation (from/to the hotel) available on request

Throughout the history, walk through the streets of Rome. From the Roman Empire to Baroque, passing through the period of the Popes and the Middle Ages. Halfway between a cultural treasure hunt and a non-traditional tour of Rome’s tourism through the use of technology. Puzzles and photos will make your itinerary interesting and fun.



  • Solve the riddles
  • Take photos
  • Challenge other teams
  • Chat with the Master
Rent the rickshaws
Street food stop



full *

100 minutes

120 minutes 

Briefing at the hotel or at Forum and delivering the tablets 10 minutes
> The group will be divided into different teams
> App introduction and use
Transportation by bus from the hotel to the start point *
Rent the rickshaws * 15 minutes
The treasure hunt starts  90 minutes
> Take the photos
> Challenge other teams
> Solve the clues
Street food stop * 15 minutes
Awards * 5 minutes
Appointment at the last stop - end of the treasure hunt 5 minutes
* options on request


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avatar - Oct, 12, 2019 -


Great treasure hunt! 300 people at the same time... amazing