The new tab tour

What is tabtour? is a digital adventure tour and a new high-tech trend in the event industry. By means of, teamgeist offers a new solution for companies for educational, task and play-related or adventure-oriented topics,

such as strategy, security, health and communication in a new and virtual way. combines learning contents with motivating experiences, which are suitable for both: private and business groups. Several teams are equipped with tablet PCs. At the venue, called TABSPOTS, the computer automatically logs into a TABCLOUD and allows the teams to identify and solve tasks or to discover landmarks. The heart of the is our uniquely developed and patented software, which makes it possible to lead group sizes from two up to 1,000 people anywhere, either separately or simultaneously.

What is the difference between a tabtour and geocaching?

Which at first may sound like a GPS or Geocaching tour, offers much more in reality. Participants are not only guided by a navigation system during the The tablet PC rather is a technical guide with innovative features. It creates puzzles, shares points and networks with other tablet PC’s in real-time and is also sending images to a central PC, which makes communication among each other possible. This way TABSPOTS can be identified via coordinates anywhere in the world. Therefore, the crew of Teamgeist is always able to look for new and interesting destinations for innovative TASPOTS.

What is the advantage of a tabtour?

By using event formats like team trainings, events or congresses are arbitrary with immediate effect. Offers range from in-house and outdoor solutions. The analytical abilities and the simple measurability, in particular, make the product very innovative and every event a success. tabtour is able to reflect the philosophy and values of a company, can determine educational deficits but also detects new potentials. Furthermore, this event reveals greater motivation and capacity of the participants via the experience-oriented context. In summary, the tabtour both strengthens the appeal of employers and simultaneously trains soft skills.

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