Indiana Jones in Rome

I’d like to thank you once again for the great time our team had with the Indiana Jones activity on Saturday!

It was really fun for all and also interesting to see how each person reacted when playing the roles they were assigned to.
In a real life situation some team members would have been left in the darkness because their team leads forgot they were behind 🙂 So, great lessons and opportunities for improvement for us as a team”
Thus began the mail to thank the representative of the “Mambu”, a company that has distinguished itself in the world of digital banking. Mambu The team, made up of about thirty boys, fell in the dungeons of Rome, and retracing the route of Indiana Jones: between adventure, action and puzzles. This time we chose for them the underground near the coliseum, rich in history and inserted in a unique environment: Villa Celimontana.
Divided into teams, the group lived experience of team working in the dark, solved puzzles, found useful items to recreate the puzzle elements that has led to solve the case shared by the famous Indiana Jones! A team building that goes beyond the fun and experience becomes personal and group profit for himself and grow with others!

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